Ole Saxe Orchestral Works

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Neptunus Cyber Symphony

  A cross Atlantic creation between Ole Saxe, Sweden and   Karen Bentley Pollick, Mexico

Our current collaboration was conceived during the global pandemic with the goal of maintaining our long distance cooperation despite having limited access to a live orchestra. Karen’s solo violin was recorded at Evergroove Studio in Evergreen, Colorado in August 2021 with audio engineer Brad Smalling, and combined with a virtual orchestra created from the Vienna Symphonic Library at the Neptunus Records studio in Siljansnas, Sweden. We present these compositions in the spirit of keeping dynamic new music created in our home studios flowing forth to catalyze future live performances.

We are proud to announce, that the album “Ole Saxe Orchestral Works” with Karen Bentley Pollick won the 2022  Silver Medal for best album in categories: classical contemporary and composition/composer!