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Oceanos is concieved as the circumnavigation of the earth as well as a tribute to the sea and its inhabitants, the whales and the dolphins in particular.

Total Playing time: 63 min

The songs of the dolphins and the hump-back whales are extracts
from authentic recordings.

The journey starts in the Arctic in the company of humpback whales and takes us to the sea of the mediterranean dolphins where Greek, Turkish and Spanish rhythms in ninths illustrate southern European temperament.
We travel with strong Trade winds and in the lulls rest on the wide Atlantic where flute-like sounds from the humpback whales rock us peacefully to wake up to the sensual rhythms of the Caribbean.
We meet the power of the Pacific in the Mexican folk-tune Zandunga, head south until we hear a nostalgic cello having a dialogue with a humpback whale.
Then we sail into the Patagonian archipelago where the condors soar down from the sheer cliffs of the Andes. Among the Caribbean Islands happy people with drums beating in fifths welcome us under the shade of palm trees. In the south China Sea we meet the exotic sounds of the koton with cymbals, bells and gongs.
The title track and the highlight of this trip takes us to the oceans within us.
Water is the element of feeling and the legend says that it is able to heal both body and soul. Accompanied by the piano, a sinking theme leads us into the waves of our
subconscious, where forgotten feelings and images are brought to life to the sound of the harp and the merry laughter of dolphins.

The album is available on Spotify here:

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