Flying Carpet

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Welcome aboard this flying carpet, which will take you to the land of bliss. To the tones of the harp you will glide towards the heavens where eternal forgiveness prevails. The carpet lands as smoothly as silk by a stream where we hear the sound of the wooden flute of the wanderer as he draws closer.

After regaining your strength by the healing waters you again rise towards the heavens where you meet the angels and the flying elves.The journey continues towards Tibetan heights, where old traditions help to bring you in contact with your inner universe.
Away again towards the northern coast of Denmark. The time is four in the morning and the sun is slowly rising to the sound of a guitar and the sound of a seawashed pebble beach. The sky is crimson and a front of violet clouds leads you up and further north to the wild unspoiled nature of Sweden, where you encounter a thunder shower and land with the carpet at a timbered cottage where you sing comfortingly to a little child.
Soon the flight is completed and on the lively, embracing wind from Mother Earth, you travel through time with a sense of history as you move along.

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